Change for the better. Together.
Learn more, build relationships, skills and find acknowledgment with peers.

Life long learning has never been more important and easier

The society we live in is coined by knowledge and information. Soon lifelong learning will be indispensable for many jobs of the future. Our biggest advantage: The limitless access to knowledge and social media through internet makes lifelong learning a child‘s game.

PeerFinder: Your Search Engine for learning circle and mastermind groups

We like to learn by ourselves but would like to discuss newly acquired knowledge and receive support, feedback and recognition. The problem – people around us do not always share same interest and finding a partner to discuss a specific topic might be a challenge. Our solution: Look for a learning circle or a mastermind group. Wondering where to find them? Right, here at PeerFinder.

Use a learning guide or start your own study adventure

Use PeerFinder to learn in groups using a specific learning guide or meet people and discuss topics that move you. Choose whatever matches best your learning needs.

Get to know people with same learning goals

Share your knowledge and benefit from the knowledge of others. Build new relationships and exploit new networks.

Receive recognition and feedback of the group

Receiving recognition and appreciation for your ideas, results and skills boost motivation and happiness.

Reaching goals faster with a mentor

Benefit from knowledge and experience of a field expert and book a professional mentor for you group.